Our Services

We serve patients who have been affected by an accident, trauma or a chronic condition with their hands. These conditions may result in fractured bones, harmed tendons or injured nerves, wounds, burns, partial or total amputations, degenerative conditions (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, scleroderma) and repetitive motion conditions (carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, PDA overuse). We take pride in fostering a professional atmosphere of comfort and sharing, where children, young and mature adults feel completely at home.

New Patients

The first visit to our office will consist of  a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. We will develop a plan for your recovery including a treatment schedule and home exercise regimen.

In order to ensure that your visit is as swift as possible, please feel free to print and complete our patient forms, found under Patient Resources.​





Contact Us Today

On-site office visits may be scheduled by contacting us via telephone or preferably by email at heightshandtherapyot@aol.com 

ATTENTION: WE OFFER TELEHEALTH VISITS which may provide options for scheduling. PLEASE EMAIL US FOR AN APPOINTMENT at: heightshandtherapyot@aol.com

In the interest of mitigating the potential spread of the virus COVID-19,
at your scheduled in-office visit, you will be asked to wear a face mask, and to follow our office safety protocol, which includes temperature checks and handwashing.

Thank you again, and we wish you and your family good health!

Our Promise

We truly believe that we are only as strong as our staff. We employ qualified individuals who excel in their profession.

We are an occupational therapy practice with licensed and certified therapists who specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of hand conditions and injuries. Our highly trained therapy staff will partner with you to achieve the best possible therapeutic outcome for your hand condition. We are at the forefront of evidence-based practice so patients benefit from treatment supported by well-documented research and state-of-the-art technologies.

​​Restoring Hands to Health

​Heights Hand Therapy OT​

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