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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from therapy?

Each patient is unique in his or her condition, and in the time it will take to regain full use of his or her hands. We work with patients immediately after an operation to manage open or sutured wounds, control hypertrophic/raised scars, and/or to reduce swelling. We can custom fabricate orthotic devices right in our office to help prevent further, or correct exiting, injuries. We help patients manage pain, de-sensitize injured tissues, and implement a course of exercise tailored to each patient, in concert with their physician's recommendations.

Will therapy hurt?

Our goal is to help patients recover the use of their hands on a timely basis. We get to know the unique needs of each patient, including specific issues relating to pain, and we encourage an open discussion of any concerns. We emphasize goals that will aid in recovery so that the balance between discomfort and healing can be achieved. We ask patients to partner with us to get the most out of their therapy even if, at times, it may be uncomfortable.

How long will therapy take?

The length of time you will be in therapy depends entirely on your individual condition. Some patients require only a few visits, while others require several months of visits, and, for some rare cases of extreme trauma, years of therapy. On your first visit we will evaluate your condition, with insights provided by your doctor, and outline your specific program. Recovery begins at your first visit. 

How often will I come to your office?

Sessions are tailored to each individual and may last at least an hour in the beginning of your program, two to three times each week. Session length and frequency will be reduced overtime but this is based entirely on your specific condition and the progress you make. In collaboration with your physician, we will provide a professional assessment of the therapy time required, early on, so that you can plan your personal schedule accordingly. 

Will I do exercises at home?

Yes, each patient is given his/her own regimen of exercises that should be performed each day outside of office visits. Successful therapy requires measured, and often frequent, use of your hand. This aspect of your therapy is discussed at length in your sessions.

How active can I be in my therapy program?

We encourage patients to be very involved in each aspect of their recovery - from understanding their injury to setting goals for therapy. Your home exercise program is as important as your office visits. If questions arise during your home exercise program, you may call us for any additional information we can provide between therapy sessions.

Can my family help me in my recovery?

Many patients find it helpful to involve family members in their recovery. This is entirely up to you. We are happy to discuss ways to involve your family. We cannot accommodate multiple members of a family on your visits but we will provide other means for you to share information with loved ones, as needed or requested by you. 

Will you be in contact with my doctor?

Your doctor will receive our initial evaluation and periodic progress reports on your recovery. If issues arise during the course of therapy, we will be in direct contact with your doctor.

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