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​Heights Hand Therapy OT​

​​Restoring Hands to Health

  • Custom Fabricated Orthoses/Splints
  • Specialized Hand Assessments for Sensation, Strength, etc.
  • Professional Legal Patient Narrative Reports
  • Wellness and Prevention Programs
  • In- Home Private Individual Hand Therapy Sessions may be arranged

Services We Offer

Your visit to our office will consist of a complete assessment of your condition. We may test your range of motion, sensation, strength and perform other tests to assist with developing a plan for your recovery, including in-office treatment and home regimen. Each patient's program, as well as each therapy session, is marked with a goal to help you heal, regain motion and strength to re-establish function, control and regain confidence. We believe in a partnership between patient and therapist in order to maximize positive functional outcome over the shortest period of time. We work very hard to know you and your individual needs. We value your understanding of, and comfort in your own healing process.

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